Is Direct Billing available?

Yes. However please check if your plan is eligible with your insurance provider.

Is parking available at your clinic?

Free parking is available throughout the day.

Do I have to be an athlete to attend your clinic?

No you do not. We work with clinical clients of all levels activity and fitness.

Do you have COVID-19 Protocols?

Yes we do. We limit numbers in the clinic and gym, where attendance is by appointment only, to maintain physical distancing directives. In addition, our staff wear face-masks and maintain a rigorous cleaning regime during gym sessions and between cohorts of clients.

My daughter is 9 years old. Is it safe for her to train in the gym?

Yes it is. There is a large body of scientific research showing definitively that careful graded, appropriate resistance exercise is safe for people of all ages including younger athletes.

My team trains with PHYSELITE. Can I take part in the High Performance Training program as well?

Yes you can. PHYSELITE’s training packages suit many levels of time commitment; from twice per week for the school-aged athlete with study and team commitments to 5 times per week for the dedicate pro-athlete.

Do you train novice athletes?

Our coaches are experienced coaching athletes with all levels of experience, including first-timers.

How qualified are your trainers?

All our trainers have university level study in kinesiology, athletic therapy or are certified strength and conditioning coaches. In addition they have played a wide variety of sports and have gained certified coaching qualifications in a number of sports from karate to cricket.

Do I need to fully undress for my massage?

No. Your comfort and privacy is respected at all times. If you choose to remove your clothing, proper draping techniques will be used, such that only what is being worked on will be exposed. Your therapist will communicate with you ahead of time what to expect. If you feel uncomfortable at any point during treatment, please do not hesitate to let your therapist know. Should you choose to undress, you will be able to do so before and after treatment in complete privacy.

Do I have to get a spinal adjustment when I see the chiropractor?

No! Spinal adjustments are just one of a suite of manual therapy techniques chiropractors can use to mobilize the spine. We can and do mobilize the spine without manual adjustments. In addition, we always request your informed consent before using a spinal adjustment as a treatment technique.

How is the Pelvic Floor assessed?

The pelvic floor is an important structure located within the pelvis that is responsible for a great deal of support and control. This is why an internal assessment is often recommended in order to fully assess your concern. However, it is done only with your express consent. The internal assessment is a clean procedure done manually with gloves, either via the vagina or rectum. You will be draped and given privacy before, during and after the procedure.

Is the Pelvic Floor assessment painful?

The physiotherapist strives to make the assessment as comfortable and efficient as possible. Gentle movement or direct pressure may be applied to certain structures to help determine the nature of your problem. It is important that you respect your personal boundaries during every part of the assessment. If there is something that is not comfortable for you, please let the physiotherapist know immediately and the assessment will be adjusted to suit your needs.