Pricing of our Services

Direct billing for physiotherapy, chiropractic, registered massage & pelvic physiotherapy is available. Clients should check their extended healthcare benefits provider if direct billing is available for their particular plan. In addition, we take all the other normal methods of payment such as credit and debit cards etc.

Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Pricing:

After your initial assessment, practitioners will design a treatment plan based on their findings plus, your time and resources. Our treatment philosophy has exercise therapy as its foundation, and so, there are three options for treatment times dependent on your treatment needs and health goals. Direct billing available.

Initial Assessment (60 minutes)
Treatment (60 minutes) Treatment (45 minutes) Treatment (30 minutes)
Price $110 $100 $85 $70
Price $110 $100 $85 $70

Pelvic Health Pricing:

We recognize pelvic health as an integral component of your overall physical performance and health. Our offering of Pelvic Physiotherapy services geared to the athletic client allows for effortless blending of Pelvic Physiotherapy treatment into your performance goals.

Initial Consultation


Pelvic Health assessment
(60 minutes) includes:

  • pelvic floor muscle evaluation
  • anatomy education
  • self-care advice
  • exercise instruction
  • exercise guidelines
  • program design

Treatment Session


Pelvic Health treatment session (45 minutes) may include:

  • re-evaluation
  • exercise progression
  • manual therapy
  • movement strategies
  • pain management advice
  • communication with coach/trainer

FACET Assessment


Pelvic Health consultation for female athletes (60 minutes) includes:

  • detailed abdominal muscle assessment
  • pelvic floor muscle evaluation (ages 16+)
  • basic training (breathing, core control, and pelvic floor support during exercise and sport)

Registered Massage Therapy Pricing:

Direct billing of your extended healthcare benefits is available for most plans. Remember that H.S.T needs to be added.

60 minutes Session 45 minutes Session 30 minutes Session
Price $95 + HST $80 + HST $65 + HST

Performance Training Pricing:

Payment for our 12-week training packages is out of pocket and priced according to your frequency of attendance. The ‘inclusive goodies’ provided by clinicians cannot be separated out for insurance purposes. These are complimentary support services to ensure your programming is properly individualized to you and that you achieve your athletic goals.

Basic Advanced Pro Premium
Price $960 $1 600 $2 400 $3 800
Athletic Assessment 1 2 2 2
Sports Medicine Assessment 1 1 1 1
High Performance Training Session (60 minutes) 24 36 48 60
Conditioning (30 minutes) 48 60
Clinical Review 1 3 5 12
Soft-tissue Treatment (30 minutes) 1 3 5 12