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Team Training the RIGHT Way

No matter what sport you are playing, we can help your team perform better. PHYSELITE programs have been developed with long-term athlete development(LTAD) as their focus. Whether the goal is in-season performance, injury risk-reduction, an off-season preparation program or pre-season screening and baseline testing, we can help.

Team Training programs are designed around team seasonal schedules. In addition, our clinical screening and baseline testing allows us to make recommendations for individual athletes. So even though the team objective may be the same, each player has different needs, different strengths, weaknesses and positional demands. Our goal is to train the group and to make recommendations to individual athletes for rehabilitation or remedial strengthening.

Are training programs tailored to my teams needs?

Team training programs are designed around the goals of the team. We discuss these needs with the coaches so the program fits the schedules and developmental goals of the team. No two teams are alike. All of our programs will accord with the best strength and conditioning principles and practices.

Our Training Model

PHYSELITE’S training model consists of a number of components outlined below. The sports medicine and athletic assessment is the foundation used to build or strength & conditioning programs. However, all our options are individualized to the needs of each team. Please contact our director of training to discuss your team’s needs.
  • Sports Medicine Screening
    • Clinical assessment to baseline muscle strength & determine rehabilitation needs
    • Athletic assessment for speed, power & endurance specific to your sport
    • Includes team injury database

  • Strength & Conditioning
    • On-field or at facility
    • Improve strength, speed & agility
    • Decrease risk of injury and rehabilitation time
    • Varies based on pre-season, in-season, off-season

  • Athletic Therapist for On-Field Services
    • Athletic therapist present for practices or games
    • Available for player preparation, acute injury assessment and management

  • Athlete & Coach Education
    • Recovery & nutrition
    • Mental skills for athletes
    • Injury risk management & performance
    • As requested

Clients Stories:

Adam Petersen
- Founder and Head Coach - Toronto Hoopstars
Some of my Toronto Hoopstars Rep Girl Basketball Players started training with Coach Asa and his team at Physelite this past summer and I must say it has been an awesome experience for them. Coach Asa and team are experts in their field and know exactly how to design a program that caters to the athletes needs and that push them to improve their overall athletic ability. I have seen great improvement in their strength, balance, and overall physical and athletic abilities and would like to thank Physelite for providing such great training. Our girls look forward to every session.
Kyle Liu
- Head Coach - Markham Waxers Midget AAA
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Asa and his team for well over a decade, first as a player then as a coach. I came in with minimal knowledge of training when I started as a young player. Not only did I learn a ton in regards to my training abilities, but the experience helped to foster my passion and skills for coaching while living a healthy and active life style. I’ve seen firsthand how a consistent and well-develop;/ed performance program can have on the progression of an athlete. The team at PHYSELITE has been and will continued to be an integral part of that process. Lastly, Asa and his team have had a major impact on my life. I am now an elementary school teacher and also coach the Markham Waxers Midget AAA hockey team and my passion to work with and influence students and athletes will live on forever.
Steve Jackman
- Director of Coaching - Genesis Football Academy
Julian and the Physelite staff provided a service to the soccer players at Genesis Football Academy that extended beyond that of just Physiotherapy. Julian’s commitment to developing resilient athletes through comprehensive training and treatments was valued by the athletes and coaching staff. The athletes at Genesis FA thought Julian’s program benefitted them physically and mentally by understanding and owning the importance of strength and conditioning in order to prevent injuries and to becoming more confident athletes.

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